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Have you been contacted by the Children’s Aid Society with regard to their protection concerns? If the C.A.S. has been in contact with you pertaining to any protection issues they may have or if they have apprehended your children, do not attend court unprepared. It may be the difference between working towards having your daughter or son returned to your care, or having them placed for adoption.

At Paolucci Law, we work with our clients to determine whether the concerns of the CAS are well founded and if so addressed, through providing a list of resources and professionals who can assist you to address the non-legal concerns.

If the CAS cannot validate their actions, we will ensure your rights are protected and your voice heard, with arguing for the return of your child to your care.


At Paolucci Law we assist with all aspects of child protection law including:

·      Voluntary Services Agreement

·      Temporary Care Agreements

·      Apprehensions

·      Supervision Orders/Agreements

·      Temporary Care and Custody Motions

·      Access Motions

·      Summary Judgement Motions

·      Trials

·      Appeals

·      Openness Agreements/Orders

5 Things you should know if you are contacted by the Children’s Aid Society:


1.You have a right to speak with a lawyer, if you cannot afford a lawyer and qualify for financial assistance, Legal Aid Ontario may assist you and can be reached at: 1-800-668-8258.


2.Do not sign anything without having it reviewed by a lawyer.


3.There are strict legislated timelines with respect to your child’s time in care.  It is important that you do not hesitate to reach out for assistance.


4.If your child has been apprehended, you will have your first court date and appear before a judge within 5 days.  It is important that you contact a lawyer and are represented at that appearance.


5.If your child has been apprehended, you have 30 days to serve and file your Answer and Plan of Care from the day that you were first served legal documents by the Children’s Aid Society.  It is important that you contact a lawyer well in advance of these 30 days to ensure you have developed the best plan possible and addressed all issues raised with meeting this deadline.





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