The Nanny Visa is not an actually called a Nanny Visa, however, here at Paolucci Law, we facilitate the process to receive Foreign Caregivers or Nannies. We simplify the process and ensure the correct paperwork is done to attempt to get a smooth path through the Canadian Immigration routes. We start the simplification of referring to it as the Nanny Visa and continue from there.  


At your first consultation, we start with an evaluation to ensure you qualify under the Canadian Guidelines for the Nanny Visa so as to eliminate costly fees and lengthy wait times for an unsuccessful attempt.


Since 2014, the Canadian Immigration route for Nannies and Foreign Caregivers has changed quite a bit. There is no longer a pathway through the Foreign Caregivers permit; Foreign Caregivers now qualify under the Trained Foreign Worker class. Thus creating a much more rigorous path through the Nanny Immigration system.


The new route includes an application for a Labor Market Impact Assessment, which is an application to prove there is a need to hire a foreign worker to become your Nanny.


With the rising costs of child day care, some have found it feasible to search out for the Nanny Visa as the costs of having a nanny or caregiver very similar to the cost of child daycare and after/before school programs.


On the financial side, one of the main reasons people have chosen to have a Nanny over daycare is because just like daycare, payment to a Nanny can be claimed as Child Care Costs in tax Calculations as they are a recognized expense by the Canadian Revenue Agency. However, unlike daycare, a Nanny provides in home assistance that’s well beyond child care, and is especially more suitable to those with an inconsistent work schedule.


To receive a foreign caregiver/nanny is not a quick process, it is a process that can take a minimum of 7 months.  Proper planning and diligent attention is required to ensure the process remains closer to the minimum end of the timeline with success.


Paolucci Law is not a Nanny Broker, however we may be able to assist you find one that fits your needs.  If you have already found a Foreign Worker to become a Nanny and would like to purse the Nanny Visa but are unaware of the paperwork and routes required, please contact us for a consultation, we are able to assist both, the Nanny/Caregiver and the family for their Immigration application.

What do I bring to my first appointment:

  • Photo ID

  • Evidence of financial stability (Notice of Assessment, pay stub)

  • Evidence of Citizenship (passport)

  • Birth certificates of children

How Do I save on my legal fees:

  • Attend meetings with your lawyer prepared with documents requested of you.

  • Forward required documents to the lawyer or legal staff as requested.

  • Do not send questions to your lawyer in various emails, try to make a list and either send that list in one email or address the questions at your meeting.

  • Attend or cancel your appointments.